Druid DnD NPC Healer

Druid DnD Character
Name: Matheria
Level 7 Druid    Race: Human 
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str: 10 Int: 13 Wis: 18 Dex: 12 Con: 11 Chr: 16
HP: 28  AC: 8

 Often called Mother Matheria, this healer can be found in an oaken groove where she vies her trade. She is the mother of three boys, all rangers and rangers who may be lurking by at any time. Her nature is kind but stern. She is willing to help good characters for a small fee. Neutral characters can be healed for a larger fee and never for evil characters. She has a vast amount of knowledge that she dispenses for free to those that she likes. She also has 3 pet brown bears that are with her at all times, she loves them very much and they will aggressively defend each other. She also has a pet owl that keeps watch over them at night. Matheria can be quite brutal when she finds the natural balance upset, and she doesn’t mind feeding living beings to her bears.

Blue, Green and Brown Cloak
Sling, Bag of 20 round stones
8 magical stones. 3 Fog, 2 cload kill and 3 fire ball.
Gnarled staff
Backpack with many herbs, mosses, ect…
Brown Clothes

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