Dungeons and Dragons Cleric Character

Dungeons and Dragons Cleric Character
Name: Que’baricus
Level 5  Cleric    Race: Human   
Alignment: Lawful Good
Str: 14  Int: 11  Wis: 18   Dex: 13   Con: 17   Chr: 10
HP: 29  AC: 3

Called Que by those that know him best, this introspective cleric is an asset to any party of adventurers. He is strong in combat and possesses healing abilities that can patch up and keep a battered group running. His nature seems quite at first but that hides a strong committed inner strength, this strength is hinted at in his low steady voice but comes out in full force during combat. He often meditates on the duality of his service as a healer and destroyer, a conflict that has a complicated solution and demands much of his attention. However, the results of his efforts are strong and the reward is a determined and unshakable man. Those close to him worry that he has accepted his own death as a trade off and that he is an exceptionally likely candidate for martyrdom.

Inventory and Equipment: 
Holly Symbol
Amulet of Protection (+1)
Half Plate Armor
Holly Water Flask
Comb, fancy
18 torches & tinder box
Back Pack
40 Bullets

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