DnD Half-Orc Character

Half-Orc DnD Character
Name: Kul Drakon
Duel Class: Cleric (level 5) Thief (level 5) Race: Half-orc  
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Str: 16  Int: 10  Wis: 18   Dex: 17   Con: 15   Chr: 12
HP: 37   AC: 5

Kul Drakon’s major personality trait is that he is cunning. He functions in life as a spiritual leader, intimidator and boss of bands of bandits that he assembles and uses to ambush trade caravans or to raid secluded settlements. This band usualy consists of goblins, brigands, orcs and any stray creature he can weild athority over. By nature he is schemeing and predetory but if captured or in a week position he can quickly turn on the charm and even present himself as a victem.

In battle he fights with either two weapons (usualy when he suprises his oppenents) or with a shield and a mace when fighting in pitched combat. During combat he often suprises oppenents with spells, but his perfered attack is to use stealth to backstab his enemies.

His personal history is vague, but it is know that his mother was aquesed of witchcraft and driven from society. She then willingly mated with an orcish warrior and raised Kul Drakon with a distain for human society.

Inventory and Equipment: 
Holly Symbol
Bracers of Protection (+1)
Studded Leather Armor
Long Sword
Short Sword

40 Bolts

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