DnD NPC, 6th level Human Thief

Dungeons and Dragons NPC Thief Character
Name: Drijon
Level 6  Thief     Race: Human   
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
Str: 11 Int: 8 Wis: 13 Dex: 17 Con: 15 Chr: 14
HP: 24  AC: 6

History: Born to poor goat farmers Drijon made his way to the Eastern Sea where he joined the ranks of a pirating vessel. On the open sea he learned the arts of sailing, fencing and robbery, all with a flambouyant flare. Eventualy, seeking safer waters and greater plunder he made his way up the river systems to the West. Once in the Cities that dotted the river system he perfected his skills as a thief. His adventures adventualy led him to the foothills of the great Craigs where he was hired by the kleptocracy (rule by theives) of Peleram, where the corupt Council of Regents holds the reigns of power. The Council decided to put the bombastic thief to good use and he has since become an agent for hire in their service.

 Inventory and Equipment:
He has a black cape that hides his  brightly colored shirts when he wants to go unnoticed. When in action he wears dark brown studded leather armor.
Long Sword, +2 silver
Short Sword
5 Magical Stones of Poisonous Gas
25 Bullets
Thieves Picks
Rope 50′
Grapling Hook
Lether Backpack (Black)
Vile of Poisen (Used on Swords)

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