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DnD Character, Human Fighter

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

dungeons and dragons character
Name: Branter
Level 3  Fighter    Race: Human   
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Str: 17  Int: 9  Wis: 11   Dex: 17   Con: 15   Chr: 16
HP: 18  AC: 3
This tall, athletic young man is likable, charming and cocky. He’s naturally sarcastic and mocking but usually has a joke, a smile on his face and a tail to tell. He isn’t above chasing young ladies, drinking and finding trouble, but can be quite serious when the situation requires it. In combat a ruthless dark side emerges, perhaps the results of being pressed in to military service at a much to young age. There he began his training as a rank and file infantry soldier brandishing a polearm in formation. The disciplined conflicted with his nature and he was all to happy to escape the life of a soldier for the travels of a mercenary hired to protect caravans. His brave and bold nature makes him eager and ready for adventuring.

Inventory and Equipment: 
Long Sword
Half Plate/ Chain Mail
Large Shield
Leather Backpack
1 Potion: Giant Size
Soft Boots
2 weeks of rations
23 Torches and flint