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Player Character: Gnome Wizard

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Gnome Wizard DnD Character

Name: Bikbop Beezbop
Duel Class: Wizard (level 6) Race: Gnome
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Str: 8  Int: 18 Wis: 14  Dex: 16   Con: 9   Chr: 14
HP: 17   AC: 9 (7 vrs evil)

Bic Bop is an affible, humerous wizard, skilled at  illusions and alchemy. He is also vailable to adventuring parties do to his knowledge of the known lands and lore and his large collection of maps. He can be quite a practical joker and finds humur in fool friends and foes with illusions. For his friends one of his favorite gags is the having them chase illusionary cats around their houses, his foes aren’t so lucky.

Inventory and Equipment: 
Spell Book
Robe of Protection from Evil (+3 vrs evil)
Staff of Lightning
Potion: Gaseos form
Potion: Flying
Flask: Greek Fire

2 Darts – Silver +1

Maps: 203

DnD Player Character – Magic User

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Name: Landyera
Level 4  Magic User    Race: Human   
Alignment: Lawful Good
Str: 9  Int: 17  Wis: 9   Dex: 11   Con: 13   Chr: 15
HP: 11  AC: 9

Although quite foxy, Landyer, charisma is reduced somewhat due to her attitude. She can get around that with a charm spell though. Although born to a family of middle class traders she feels that somehow she is the equivalent of a noble. This young lady can be fun, kind, uppity or downright bitchy. Luckily her main attribute is ambition, and anyone who can suffer through her complaining will find her to be a resourceful and talented adventurer.


Jewelry; Neclace (8,500 Gp Value) Bracelets (2,350 Gp Value)

Ring of protection +1
Staff of Striking (9 charges)

Dress, Fine Aristocratic
Clothes: Standard pants/shirt
Cloak, Brown


Spell Book

Rolled Blanket

Rations: 2 Weeks

Mirror, Comb and Makeup
Potion of Levitation

Scroll: Fire Ball