Dungeon Warrior
Hello, my name is Xavier and I’m a nerd. But, here’s a little about me. I’m a long time proponent of nerds rights and gaming. I have had three children in order to disprove the common virgin stereo type assosiated with folks of my ilk. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 20 years and fondly recal my first adventures in elementry school. I’m also the founding, and only, memeber of the Society for the Preservation of Athentic High Quality Dungeongeons and Dragons Champains, or SPAHQDDC, and as such have started developing this very blog to assist dungeon masters and DnD players. It is my intent to create a resource, a library if you will, for Dungeon masters to share their best ideas.  Non player characters, maps, art and information of highest quality. Not those one dimensional randomly generated characters, crappy maps or ridiculous magic items. I will also be posting any articles or other information that comes to mind or across my desk. It is my hope that together we can share our best Dungeons and Dragons creativity to create a better world… er… fantasy world at least.

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