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Character for Dungeons and Dragons

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Please feel free to use the dungeons and dragons characters presented here in your campaigns. They can be used as non player characters (NPC’s) or as player characters. Dungeon Imp has provided original character artwork, usually a portrait and original background stories.  The characters presented here are not randomly generated and are therefore have a more authentic feel then those created by programs. These characters can be used by newbies (new players to your campaigns) and can also be used as reoccurring characters throughout your world. They are ideal for use in campaigns where there is a high rotation of players; this allows some continuity as the reoccurring characters aren’t some flash in the pan. New players typically will select characters that are of a level or two lower than the characters of the party they are joining. Each character also has a designated home in the fantasy map provided here. Ultimately it is up the the dungeon master to decide how they would like use the characters in their campaign. All of the suggestions can be ignored as each dungeon master maximizes the fun and creates a realistic fantasy world for their game.